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Built a tiny website that shows iPhone apps featured in @TechCrunch

iPhone Apps Featured in @TechCrunch This website shows bunch of iPhone apps that are featured in TechCrunch. Top 25 apps on App Store is usually filled by games but those are not very attractive to me. TechCrunch writes about iPhone apps which were made by brand new startups, and I like to check them out. […]

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A Chrome Extension: Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook

The Chrome extension provides Gmail like keyboard shortcuts for Facebook. Currently it supports: j: down one item on your News Feed k: up u: jump to the top Download via Google Web Store Source code Thanks! keyboard icons

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Slanted tabular menu with CSS3

Some of variables are hard coded. To make it flexible, you may want to use JavaScript. The demo is a vertical menu, but making a horizontal menu shouldn’t be difficult. <div style="margin-top:100px;" class="slant"> <div class="contents first">menu1</div> </div> <div class="slant second"> <div class="contents">menu2</div> </div> div.slant { width: 150px; height: 100px; -moz-transform: matrix(1, -0.2, 0, 1, 0, […]

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Grabio: A Twitter Bio Update Notifier

Grabio sends notifications via email when your followings update their bio on Twitter. I’ve collaborated with @Tbakdesigns through In my experience, people update their bio when something big happened. I’m following more than 100 people and to be honest, I check quite rarely. But I would like to know their big updates like started […]

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Extracting thumbs-up tracks on Pandora, paste into Spotify playlist

Love Pandora and Spotify? Here’s the Chrome extension that helps you to convert thumbed-up tracks on Pandora into Spotify playlist. Download Pandora-to-Spotify Google Chrome Extension Use the latest Google Chrome, go to the extension page on Chrome Web Store, and follow its instruction to add. Go to your Bookmarks or Likes page on Pandora. Hit the extension icon. […]

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Facebook Connect for Chrome Extension

Unfortunately, Facebook JavaScript SDK doesn’t work on a Chrome Extension because it is working under “chrome-extension://” protocol. While Google provides a tutorial for OAuth, Facebook explains a slightly easier way. (Update: apparently the page is gone.) I’ve made a working example based on it. You can download source code from Github.

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SweetCatcher for Skype is now on github

One year ago I released SweetCatcher for Skype. Now it is on github. I haven’t had any chances to upgrade it, but it might be worth to be open source. You can use a normal icon instead of the lovely heart one. SweetCatcher is using some codes from SkypeAPITest which is provided by Skype. I […]

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jQuery plugin for Twitter OAuth via popup window (Facebook style)

Disqus and some applications are using Twitter OAuth, but their user flow is not sequential single window process. A child window comes up, then it shows and user can click Deny/Allow through that popup. When the user hits the deny or allow button, the popup will be closed immediately and the parent window will […]

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Bracket auto completion in vim for PHPer

I used to use this setting in .vimrc: inoremap \( ( inoremap ( ()<LEFT> But escape bracket every time for second\(first(); is a little bit stressful. (typed “first()”, then move to the head of the line, typing “second”, back slash and bracket) Here is an improved script: function! CompleteDetachedBracket() let line = line(’.’) let col […]

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Complete working sample for Services_Twitter OAuth in PHP PEAR

You can get some sample codes for Services_Twitter with OAuth from php doc, but it’s not a complete code. I rewrote some parts. % pear install –alldeps Services_Twitter-alpha <?php if (isset($_GET[’clear’])) { // sometimes you need to clear session, just access ?clear=1 session_start(); $_SESSION = array(); session_destroy(); die(’session has been cleared.’); }     define(’CONSUMER_KEY’, […]

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