Lumix GF3 & Olympus 45mm f1.8

I’m a casual photo taker. In the past a couple of years, I took a few snapshots in a week with iPhone4. Since I started a meetup group, opportunities to take pictures of people have been drastically increased. So, I bought Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 + 14mm Pancake Lens (refurbished $310) and Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.8 ($324) in 2012.

GF3 with 14mm Pancake lens


GF3 with Olympus 45mm



iPhone5 might be a good camera, though I didn’t think it would push me to take more pictures. DSLR is still heavy and expensive, so naturally my choice was focused on low-end mirrorless cameras.

There are many choices, and you can easily spend many hours to read reviews on The Verge etc. Well, I did. After all, GF3 looks cute with curvy head with decent specs.

NEX series from Sony has been shiny from the beginning I started searching. But it’s double price compared to GF3. Besides, I saw more than a few NEX 3 and 5 around me. Um, I want to avoid popular things.

Actually GF5 was already released, but I chose previous model because I didn’t see any critical difference, and GF3 was cheaper.

14mm and 45mm

I purchased Olympus 45mm 3 months after got the camera and 14mm. It was more expensive than the camera + 14mm lens. But, this might be a joy or morass of having an interchangeable-lens camera.

With GF1

With GF1


The biggest difference between 14mm and 45mm is how close to the object from the camera. When I use 14mm the object is farther than I see with my eyes. The distance seems similar to iPhone4. 45mm is very different. Many of my friends get confused and ask me if it can zoom out. If I and someone sit next each other I can’t take a picture of the person. It’s too close. I need more than 1 meter to take someone’s portrait. Often, I have to step back. It’s not good for a group of 10 people photo. I have to stand really far from them. So, I often bring both of lens.

14mm, daytime


14mm, sitting next to the person, dark room, ISO 800


14mm, small closer object might get blur with auto focus


14mm, outside at night, ISO 1600








45mm, distance 2 meter or so


45mm, distance 50cm or so


45mm, bright room, across the table


45mm, distance 50cm


45mm, dark room, across the table


45mm, on a street at night


45mm, bright room, distance 1m or so


45mm, moving object on daytime


45mm, moving object, outside at night with a light, ISO 1600


45mm, on a street at night


45mm, on a street at night, pressed a shutter before it got focused


With ISO 1600, it covers most of situations. It doesn’t work well in a really dark situation like a bar or taking a picture of moving object.

No stabilizer seems like a no big deal, though no auto rotate is a little frustrating when you organize photos.

Overall, those are the only down side.

Amazing Olympus 45mm

Especially Olympus 45mm gave me many wonderful portrait photos. I see only a few of them were out of focus. As I expected, bokeh is just awesome. Both 14 and 45mm has a quick focus.

A friend of mine from Korea told me that Olympus 45mm is called a lens for lovers. I’m sure you’ll want to take someone’s best smile with this lens. It was definitely one of the best shopping in terms of changing my lifestyle.

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