Extracting thumbs-up tracks on Pandora, paste into Spotify playlist

Love Pandora and Spotify? Here’s the Chrome extension that helps you to convert thumbed-up tracks on Pandora into Spotify playlist.

Download Pandora-to-Spotify Google Chrome Extension

  1. Use the latest Google Chrome, go to the extension page on Chrome Web Store, and follow its instruction to add.
  2. Go to your Bookmarks or Likes page on Pandora.
  3. Hit the extension icon. Wait for a few seconds. Most of tracks will be extracted and converted to pastable Spotify formatted text.
  4. Lastly, copy them on the extension’s popup (Cmd-C if you use Mac) and paste (Cmd-V) on your playlist on Spotify app that you created.

Hope it makes your music life even more fun!

I welcome your contribution 😉 https://github.com/nobuf/Pandora-To-Spotify


Update 7/30:
Here we go! The extension is on Chrome Webstore now.
Thanks for contributing, Brian 🙂

And, yes, Lifehacker gave me a link to this article.

Update 9/21:
Now it supports Pandora’s new UI. You’ll find your stations here.

Update 11/18:
Supports extracting tracks from Bookmarks/Likes page respectively.

Update 2013/01/21:
Bug fix. Revise the description.

Update 2013/09/02:
Adds automated ‘show more’ link loading. Thanks, @locketine.

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