How to backorder an expiring domain name

I’ve registered on SnapName, Pool and NameJet. And, somehow, I’ve received a few emails from “Arthur Simmons”. It seems he’s a spammer, but his offer is actually not too bad. I could figure out the email is something weird because I don’t know him and the sender domain and his company name is quite different. Even though, I clicked the link and checked where a price list is. I think it was not a good idea to click even once.

You’ll find some information about how a domain expires and goes to an auction here. The post is quite old, but I think it’s not very different from the current.

In my case, SnapName got the domain which I wanted. I thought an auction is opened for every backorder service, but it was not. Whois said Power Carrier, Inc. is the current owner after “pending delete” ended. Then, I joined the auction through the SnapName web site. Pool and NameJet couldn’t bid at all. I was a bit worried if it’s not a fair auction.

Anyways, as a result, I got the domain under my budget. It cost less than $200. Not bad.

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