Crowd-Reward: Encouraging Passion, Building Communities

As a cofounder of, I’d love to talk about it.

We want to follow our own philosophy and be the first company that pays its employees by a crowd-rewarding system, where users’ contributions make up the employee’s salary. At the same time, we are offering a crowd-rewarding system called Senzoo.

We want to prove that it is possible to build a relationship between a value provider (the employee in this case) and all users that will benefit from that individual’s work. Is it possible? We think so.

“Value provider?”

The musician, programmer, designer, writer, open educator or non-profit organization. The individual or entity that provides value to a community. This individual or entity usually has a day job, but their passion is their value providing. Unfortunately, such passions are not always financially sustainable. We want to change that and reward passionate people that satisfy others.

There’s a common dilemma between earning a living and following a passion. For a software engineer, that might be coding all day and coming home to band practice with friends. The day job funds the engineer’s true passion: playing music. What if the engineer had fans of his music? Would they show their support? Any support would be enough to keep the engineer going, to tough it out in a cubicle and look forward to the next gig at a dive bar.

Can the engineer/musician sell music? Sure, but most fans won’t pay the typical retail price of an album, so that’s not a viable option for funding. The team at Senzoo feels that if this engineer/musician tells a story to the fans and is “transparent” about where the money goes – e.g., “Hey, guys! Thanks for your support this week! I was able to pick up a new amp for my guitar and will be playing with it at the next show!” – then people will care. People care when they recognize honesty and passion.

Knowing what a person will do with contributions leaves the contributors satisfied. They know their funds are going toward something specific. Their funds have purpose and therefore the act of contributing has purpose. There is a defined output for the requested input.

“Crowd-rewarding” is the collective contributions of group of fans (or an entire community) as a show of appreciation for someone’s hard work. We feel that crowd-rewarding is the key to keeping great creations free to the world. We feel that communities are the ultimate support systems.

We want more people to pursue their passions. We want to pursue our own (providing services like Senzoo).

Who are we? Two passionate entrepreneurs and me from Japan, based in the Bay Area. We’ve worked on web development projects in the past, but decided to work full-time on Senzoo. We want to practice what we preach. We want to “pay it forward.”

Thank you and Happy Friday.

P.S. Thanks for many corrections, Omid πŸ˜‰

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